Motora One

Motora One is a backpack designed for every wheelchair user and non user. It is a functional, beautiful and easy to use bag that’s meant to bring you more autonomy and comfort.

Motora can be manipulated without any strength or fine motor skills, it also adapts perfectly to every wheelchair backrest, and has special compartments to store your day to day items.

In its “S” version, we have adapted Motora so users without a disability can be benefited of its characteristics.

In order to make Motora functional, aesthetic and easy to use we have integrated many components that will allow you to use it with more autonomy and comfort.

Motora integrates a magnetic clasp to open and close it, so you don’t have to use strength to manipulate it. Also, it is mixed with a circular string so you can just use  the clasp, closures and many other elements without fine motor skills.

To open the magnetic clasp just pull the circular string, and to close it just get both parts of the clasp close enough so the magnets do the job for you.

In the search of your safety, we added reflectant properties to the circular strings in the backpack so you can be visible at night. If you don’t want this feature just tell us in a survey that we will send to you when the campaign is over!

Easy to use, also means easy to grab and lift. Motora includes handles in the front, in the sides and in the top so you can manipulate it as you please.

The top handle is adjustable so you can give it the large you want. Also, the side handles can have different texture so you don’t it with the straps when you grab it from behind, this is an optional feature and you will be able to tell us your preference in a survey that we will send you at the of the campaign.

Motora posses four external pockets, one in the upper part, two in the sides and one in the front.

In one of its sides, it has a bottle pocket which integrates elastics and a square string to ease its manipulation. In the other side of the bag, there is an ease access pocket that you can use when the backpack is in the backrest of your wheelchair, you can use it to store frequently used items like wallets and keys,

In the upper part you have a pocket to store common used items that needs fasts access from the front like your technicals aids. And in the front it posses a raincoat compartment so you can store your hygienic stuff and protect the other objects from any liquid leak.

Another important element is the bottom cover, that protects your things from potential hits and water splash that the backpack may suffer when moving around in the streets.

Can’t find a bag where you can store all your objects properly? Motora was designed to store all your everyday objects.

It posses an internal pocket so you can store your catheters without bending them.

Also a compartment for your computer that has a retraible pull out systems attached to a square string that will ease the take out of your notebook and will go back to its original position once you release it.

Additionally, the small pockets inside will allow you to store less frequently used items and its large volume will let you pack away everything you want.

As a final plus, the inner of the backpack is waterproof, so it can protect the items that you are carrying from liquid leaks in the outside of the bag.

Tired that your backpack hits your backrest all the time? Motora One includes an adjustable straps systems so you can fix them where it suits you more, eliminating the pendulum effect that mosts bags have when you move around with them.

Just use the circular string to open it and pull the straps to the level you want, then close the systems and your Motora One will fit perfectly in your backrest. No more pendulum effect,  no more hitting your bag with the floor and no more discomfort with your backpack in your wheelchair.

Since I had my accident some years ago, I have looked a lot alternatives to become more autonomous in a world that is not conceived to be accessible. Unfortunately not having many options I was forced to make improvised adaptations or have to ask for help. That`s why l decided to take action on the matter and undertake this challenge as one of many more to come.

I met Claudio at college, where we became friends and started to undertake together. Im a passionate entepreneur and a dog lover and together with Claudio we want to make this project come true.

Motora  is though to fit perfectly to the backrest of your wheelchair and your back in case you want to carry it with you. Here you will find more info about the dimensions of Motora and the development process.

We have been working for over two years designing, prototyping and testing with different kinds of users so we can make sure that everyone can use Motora comfortably and with ease.

In order to develop Motora, we have been working with the bests workshops in Chile. With the help of our suppliers and designers, we have been able to achieve the best quality for the backpack.

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Designed by wheelchair users for wheelchair users
To bring more autonomy and design in our everyday.

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One, es la mochila la ideal para todas tus actividades, conjuga de manera integral los requerimientos que más valoran y necesitan nuestros usuarios, con sus diferentes características y funciones, hace que todo sea accesible, adaptada para facilitar su uso autónomo en aquellos con alguna función reducida de mano, es práctica y cómoda para cualquier tipo de persona, en todo tipo de usos.


Disponibles en una variada gama de colores, gana libertad con tu Motora One y mantente fiel a tu estilo.